How can I decrease my waist size? – Weight Loss Medications Prescription

If you’ve ever thought about slimming down or looking like a slimmer version of a model (ex: Jessica Alba on an American Glamour shoot), you can do that by changing your diet. It’s not just about keeping the same weight but also lowering the amount of calories you eat, and most importantly, keeping on your exercise regimen.

How should I get started?

The best way is to research specific methods before you start but here are some helpful tips:

Take the Dietitians at the Association of American Dietetic Internists (ADA) or the American Association for Nutrition (ADA) to get their latest diet recommendations. Look up the recommendations from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Use the Nutrition Facts Label of your favorite foods to determine the calories they contain. The Nutrition Facts label consists of a number written on the package that tells you the calories per one serving. You may need to reduce your calorie total.

Use the American Heart Association (AHA) Dietary Guidelines to help you determine the calories that are best for you. This includes an estimated amount of fat, protein, and fiber per serving.

Your doctor can help you determine the right steps for you to take on the go.

If you are a first time client it is often good to consult the dietician first, especially if you have not been on a diet before.

Can I get a body fat percentage or waist measurement?

The only way to be certain that you are trying the right diet is to see how your body fat percentage or waist is changing. If the changes are consistent you’ll know you are doing it right.

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When you consult your physician you may also get a review of your waist and body composition through blood work.

If you are concerned that your waist is too tight or too wide it’s possible that the weight you gain is an indication that you are eating too little or too much food.

It’s also possible there is extra fat in the abdominal area that you haven’t been aware of. This is especially true if your doctor has found that there’s increased triglycerides (fat in the blood) in the abdominal area compared to your blood volume (blood collected from your abdomen).

Do I have to worry about this when I’m pregnant?

It is okay to have a smaller caloric intake during pregnancy but your diet needs to be balanced. Also, women who have a

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How can I decrease my waist size? – Weight Loss Medications Prescription
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