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A new study suggests that it’s a lack of breakfast. A study published in the March issue of “Nutrition and Metabolism” found that breakfast consumption was associated with greater weight loss over the long term.

It wasn’t the breakfast itself that was associated with weight loss, but rather the length of the meal – the study participants consumed a median of 15,943 calories a day and the longest breakfast was at 11:30 a.m. (5).

The authors of the study note that this is an observational study and a number of factors could potentially explain the significant difference in the weight loss between the breakfast and the non-breakfast participants.

A number of factors, such as calorie preference, amount and type of food consumed and how people choose to cook their meals, had little to no effect on weight loss.

“For most individuals with a moderate-sized breakfast, a longer overall meal of approximately 1.6–2.0 hour duration will result in greater weight loss regardless of the caloric content – if you are able to eat in one sitting, you will lose more weight by eating for one whole hour,” they conclude.

“For individuals who cook large meals for a shorter period, longer breakfasts are associated with greater weight loss than smaller breakfasts.”

“What we are suggesting is that the long hours of cooking in our kitchens may be a key driver of weight gain rather than an adequate mechanism.”

Study author Dr. Mark Mattson, also a lecturer of nutrition at the University of Reading, said the findings could be applied to a broader range of adults (9).

Mattson said: “Breakfast and all meals should be eaten when they are not hungry, at the most convenient time in the day. But it probably shouldn’t take a lifetime to lose weight.”

If you need to lose weight, your day before your next meal will help determine your breakfast time (12). Choose an active meal time that fits into your schedule, so that the heaviest meal of the day is more likely to fall during your day.

In the US, one of the major breakfast-time foods is whole grains and vegetables (20).


Source: University of Reading

Breakfast may be the best meal for weight loss

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What is the best breakfast for weight loss? – Online Weight Loss Programs Phentermine Side
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