Why does my ukulele sound bad? – Play Ukulele Online Free

Try replacing the strings (or tuning) with a tunable basswood string (and a higher octave string if that’s all you have available). This will give the uke more punch and make the strings sound sharper and more controlled.

What’s “lateral strike”? How do I get it?

This sound comes from the wood’s pores (i.e. holes under the string) which is the same thing that happens when you grind your teeth. It’s the opposite of “acoustic sustain”, which is where the wood vibrates and produces sound, rather than the wood vibrating and producing the sound.

Is there a way to make an instrument louder/barkedier?

Yes, you want the sound of a basswood to be a little deeper than it normally is at low tempos. This is done by creating a thicker, more pliable string/wood combination. If you use a lower tuning with a thicker string the overall sound will be higher. If you use a higher tuning the basswood tends to make sound like a wood that is slightly deeper. The reason why pliable strings/wood are good is because the vibrations of the wood under the string will make the sound of the pliable wood a little deeper.

Does it matter if the instrument is resonant with a wide range of pitches?

The sound of stringed instruments that have a resonance have a wider range of tone and pitch range than the instruments that do not (like uke’s). Resonance is a little more accurate in identifying a tone than the more accurate acoustic range. Resonance is also less sensitive to the pitch and duration of vibration (which is why you want to check both properties with some good quality testing).

But how about my other instrument: I already have a guitar in F?

It might actually just be more convenient to have two guitar strings and a basswood uke tuned the same way. When you do this you can play with some other instruments like a pick, the mouthpiece, a stringed trumpet, a bassoon, the strings of a brass instrument, etc. Or you can just have one guitar with two basswood ukes tuned in F# and another guitarist play a bass tuned B and B# and then you can switch your ukes in between the two guitars and the band together.

What’s a “cutoff note”?

One of the ways to define what is the tone that is “off” for a

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Why does my ukulele sound bad? – Play Ukulele Online Free
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