How much does a ukulele cost? – Youtube Learn How To Play The Ukulele Online Player

The average ukulele is $140

How much does a piano cost?

The lowest value ukulele is $100

Why go to the U.S.?

When you’re studying piano, I mean studying any instrument that sounds like a real instrument. You will not be able to compare it to anyone playing in the US.

I would rather study an instrument like the ukulele.

You guys have been getting so much love, support & so much love from us! Thank you so much for being there for us on a daily basis!

So, the past year has been a time of great excitement & determination to make the best possible future product that we can! Thanks to you we are now able to continue to achieve that goal!

We will be posting regular updates, weekly updates & as you can expect a regular progress of the project.

But, there is some big issues left to be solved!

First of all – the game has been played, played, played. We are very proud of it & have been thinking about what else we cannot do without it.

We believe that the current game is perfect for most gaming sessions which are 5 mins in length. And we wanted to add some more interesting content to the game to keep the players interested & engaged.

The last hurdle left to solve is to find a publisher for this project.

While we have been playing the game in beta mode for a few months now, the first game release was always planned for July in 2017. But if you look at what we have done to date this month, you will see that a bigger team has been assembled in the last few weeks.

We are also focusing our efforts on our next game release which is the game which you all wanted!

We believe it is going to be a very fun game & will be very special for players because of the special features we have worked on in the game!

In the future, our plan is to release the game every 2 months on a monthly basis!

Thank you for being patient!

With gratitude

Rami Tabet, Owner of Tabet Studios

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How much does a ukulele cost? – Youtube Learn How To Play The Ukulele Online Player
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