How do you strum ukulele with all fingers? – Best Way To Learn Ukulele Strumming Practice For Guitar

When I am using my fingers, I am trying to play through a tune, so my right hand is in rhythm with my left. When I am strumming with all fingers, I’m trying to tune the rhythm of the music and use the natural notes.

How do you know your natural notes? Are they in sync with each other so the rhythm starts when you reach a high note? (I.e.: If you want a tune that is a perfect 6 on a standard scale, and you want to play it as well as 6 on an octave, then your left hand should be doing a D-7+7 in 5ths.)

Yes, I definitely know that what is on the top two strings always go first; the rest of it (which I can’t see) plays a rhythm part, not a melodic one. So your right hand does play a part of the melody, but it doesn’t play anything like, e.g.: the melody part, or part of the harmony, or harmony. As much as it sounds nice, it’s only a rhythm part. It doesn’t do anything the way you would expect a melody part to (i.e.: a chord).

How have you used your free fingers for this project?

I use my free fingers to strum and not fret. For that thing, like for other exercises in the course, you’ll usually have to put your hand into a position where you have to use your fretting hand to pick up a fretted note. I usually put a finger in between the fret of one string and my left hand’s fret finger and use my fretting hand to pick up the note on that fret.

But there’s a great video on my YouTube channel that explains it better than I will ever be able to do. Check it out.

What kinds of chords have you been working on over time and how?

My current projects are: B-mode, A-mode and C#-mode. There are also others, most of them are more in the harmonic realm.

What do the chords you’ve done mean to you?

For my own work, I use natural chord voicings of a tune, and I can play the chords in that mode as well. But that doesn’t mean all the chords will be in that mode.

I’m not a big fan of ‘tone’ or chord fingerings – I think they’re a bit of a bit

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How do you strum ukulele with all fingers? – Best Way To Learn Ukulele Strumming Practice For Guitar
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