How do you finger pick a ukulele? – Ukalayla Songs

It’s the same as any other instrument you would pick.

All finger picks have 1 or 2 picks and they are attached either to the strings or to a fingerboard. We have designed our finger picks to be made using only the highest quality materials and to provide a more durable and flexible solution for playing.

Is my fingerboard made of solid wood?

Yes, our finger boards are made of solid oak. This means all that you feel like holding and moving on is held together and secured with solid oak, making your fingerboard the strongest and most comfortable in the world.

What length fingerboards are you offering?

We offer 8″ (W) and 12″ (H) finger boards. Each 12″ fingerboard is around 36″ (D), including the fingerboard.

Do you offer a 5/8″/9/10/12″ length fingerboard?

We offer our fingerboards in all lengths and sizes to fit each individual finger shape.

When do I need to order a hand tool?

When you need to move a finger or a pick without bending it, such as on the neck of an orchestral instrument, or making a string drop with a hammer-on or pick-off technique. We recommend that you purchase finger boards from us around 2 months prior to needing the hand tool.

Does your fingerboards fit finger shapes other than standard American-style finger shapes?

No, our fingerboard shapes are standard American-style finger shapes, such as the U.S. 1/8″ and U.S. 3/4″ sizes.

What size fingerboard did you buy in order to make my fingerboard for my instrument?

We have made fingerboards for all finger shapes and widths. Choose our 12″ fingerboard, in which we have a 1/4″ slot, as the perfect fingerboard for you. We also offer a 12″ 2-piece neck with an 8″ 3-piece fingerboard, so you can make a 2-board instrument and still have room for tuning adjustments and tuning pegs (not shown but handy as they are included in all fingerboards).

When can I buy your hand tools (screwdrivers, picks, etc)?

If you need a screwdriver for your ukulele, you can order one with your order. If your instrument is not a ukulele, you can still order them with your

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How do you finger pick a ukulele? – Ukalayla Songs
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