Is ukulele harder than guitar? – Best Way To Learn How To Play The Ukulele Chords

(not at all) :o)

dave12324 Hi guys, I played a ton of ukulele and i really love it… But is there any guitar on the market that can take a ukulele and bring guitar back into the music genre? Thank you!!! Cheers, Dave 123-22-45

beth_s I am not interested in using a UKULELE as a bass. Not much that goes into a bass. I just like the ukulele playing way better than the bass. So my question is: i am a student of ukulele and i wanted to know which one of my favorite ukulele players i should start playing? Do you have an ukulele player in your band? I know the player is not here and i am really not sure what you play. And, thanks for your time. Hope this help, Beeth (not so) Beth

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sarahsauce Hi, I played the guitar for several years and then the bass (I’m not really big on electric guitar, I don’t have a lot of interest in it I think). After thinking about it a lot, and realizing that the ukulele probably isn’t my favorite instrument, just as well-placed as the bass in my opinion, I finally decided that I’ll make the switch. I think the ukulele is a great instrument for a lot of situations-from a beginner’s point of view. It’s a good choice for a lot of people. Also, it has many interesting sounds, especially the way you sound in it, or the melody, or the guitar parts. I’m excited to see where this instrument goes. Thanks! Sarah

jasoni I just bought a ukulele for myself (and my friend’s). I love it. I know how to play guitar (no problem!) though I’m not really a fan of all that the guitar world has to offer. Now that you mention ukulele, that does sound the instrument to me as my favorite, but I like the bass a lot, and you should check what people are saying about it. I could be wrong though, I’m very open to trying all ukuleles out. If you just decide that it’s your thing then great, go for it, but it was nice to hear from someone else who had the opportunity to try them all and I hope they come out doing great.


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Is ukulele harder than guitar? – Best Way To Learn How To Play The Ukulele Chords
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