Is a tenor ukulele good for a beginner? – Ukulele Manual

Or should a full-fledged tenor get a ukulele if they can afford the costs? Here is my answer.

If you don’t already own one, what is the best tenor ukulele?

I’ll keep it to a simple answer. So in that case, a ukulele is worth buying only if you already own a tenor ukulele. A tenor ukulele can be bought in very many ways. There is the traditional tenor ukulele – with a beautiful body that is very heavy and thick – or a more delicate instrument, like an alto or alto/baritone ukulele. You can also buy your first ukulele and you’ll discover how much you’ll love it – and how much you’ll hate it…

The best tenors will all have a beautiful weight, so that if you can afford the $1000-$2000 you’ll be able to find one that is as light as a steel baritone… (you can use a $100 baritone ukulele for that purpose. Or use a $20 tenor ukulele for that purpose.)

But all of that is easy if you have a tenor ukulele. If not, you have to go to a ukulele shop and negotiate the cost.

How to buy a ukulele

Here are a few things to be aware of before purchasing a ukulele –

A high price, high quality ukulele will always cost more. At a certain point, you’ll get tired of it. Maybe you are a “newbie” (at least for the way some music is performed), and your instrument is not yet at it’s best.

A ukulele is usually sold on ebay in boxes (which usually come with a lanyard, which is the most expensive part of any guitar or ukulele). Buy from the lanyard, not the box! That’s the point.

Some ukulele shops – like this one – get their ukuleles in packs, and the ukuleles come in boxes which include other ukuleles. You may want to have something that includes a ukulele and other stuff if you want to try at least one ukulele.

As much as I love to read reviews and read stories about other folks who used

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Is a tenor ukulele good for a beginner? – Ukulele Manual
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