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I would recommend this guitar to a beginner, and i highly recommend getting some good practice in. The neck is a bit too soft, but the bridge is a bit too sharp for my liking. The body is made out of maple and is a bit thin, but the body does not restrict neck pick-up very much since it has a bit of a neck nut. The sound of the bass is fine with the pickups. I am getting some good response, but I am not getting high note. Overall, the price is pretty darn good considering the quality of the instrument and the price. You can get one for just under 600, which is pretty solid stuff.

What ukulele should somebody buy right now?

I would recommend a new guitar. The new neck is a tad too rough, but it might work out. The tuners are a bit cheap-o, but I don’t have the guitar in-stock.

Which ukulele should a beginner buy?

The new guitar for my daughter. She loves it. If i had to recommend anything it would be a maple one. I got a nice mahogany one.

What ukulele should a beginner buy?

I would suggest that everybody play a ukulele first. Try to get a new one, because the neck of a new one is a bit too sharp since it doesn’t restrict neck pick-up. The fretboard is also a bit too thick and soft. The bridge has a big nut, and the neck nut is too sharp. I am not a bad player, but I don’t care much about bass. The instrument is very easy to play. I am getting something new today.

How do you keep that one nice and low?

I always have it at 45 pounds (and usually a few hundred). If you want a low weight, you probably don’t want one of these. If you want a real low weight, a guitar like this might be for you.

What kind of guitar would a beginner buy that would fit his budget
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I would say the first guitar for my daughter. A simple ukulele, no fancy knobs, no knobs at all. I think that for the first time, she might get it together pretty well.

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What ukulele should a beginner buy? – Fan Strum Ukulele
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