Should I get a ukulele? – Learn To Play Ukulele Free Video Games

I am a good candidate for a ukulele, at least for an introduction. My friend has one. The teacher suggested I try his instrument. I thought of it in general terms, for people who know it. My friend seemed nice and easy to talk to, as well as having a very nice sounding ukulele. He played for about a week, and I thought I’d get going. However, I didn’t, and my friend is quite an artiste in his own right. So here’s my advice to you…

Make an effort to play a real ukulele. And be sure to play it in a venue which is actually open for ukulele practice.

This one is hard: you have to play something very well, at a rate that would give you the feeling of the most exquisite and complex instrument in the world. What if the ukulele isn’t playing? You could find yourself standing in front of one that is, a ukulele for that is not your cup of tea.

So, first think carefully about what ukulele is for you. What do you like in an instrument if it isn’t ukulele? Do you like playing it over an ukulele string, or do you prefer to play them without. Can you teach or tutor someone who can play for you?

Once you decide what you like in an instrument, practice with it, for a few weeks. You will see that the ukulele is far more exciting when you are not doing anything else on your piano except trying to play it well.

If an ukulele is available somewhere in Birmingham (a few of us have been lucky enough to score a special “piano” which is just that: ukulele) then you might try your luck and have a look at it.

What do ukulele sounds like?

So now you’re thinking about your ukulele. You have heard its sounds, maybe even listened to a few. Have you ever thought how your own sounds might be similar?

Here is a list (in order) of some of the things that seem to happen when you start playing a ukulele. In fact, I feel these are all the ways that you can hear these sounds if you go out and play them. If yours don’t appear here, you can just think of them anyway you like.


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Should I get a ukulele? – Learn To Play Ukulele Free Video Games
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