How do I buy a used ukulele? – Live And Learn Guitar Chords

Find the ukulele you want, and then the manufacturer, which will give you this information. The manufacturers will often give you a breakdown of the type and model or even a photo of the instrument.

Buying a used uke

If you’re keen to buy a used ukulele, you’ll want to look for an online auction. On eBay, you can find many instruments on sale, with lots going for £10 or £12. Prices vary hugely on this site, even though there is a fee that goes with buying. You can compare prices by country or by brand.

As with all purchases, remember that selling a guitar can come at a pretty heavy price. You can read more here.

If you wish to get more specific information or pictures, buy the instrument from the manufacturer’s catalog and search the site for details such as what strings are in the neck, the scale length, fretboard numbers and other interesting information.

Finding the right uke

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Buyers can be very hard to find when they’re looking for a new instrument. The internet is full of uke companies offering uke strings and brands that are familiar to music aficionados. The best option, then, is to make it your own; that is, buy a new ukulele and then look over the manufacturers website to see how it fits in with your favourite tunes.

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How do I buy a used ukulele? – Live And Learn Guitar Chords
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