Is ukulele easy for guitar players? – Learn Ukulele Online Beginner Drawing

“I have played with ukulele but its a great instrument if you can play well, its easy to learn. It is harder to play than violin. With guitar you don’t need to think about how hard to play. You just play. I have played for a couple of years here but I never had time to learn anything other than guitar and I haven’t started now for a while”

Which are your favourite instruments?

“I like the keyboard instruments that are easy to play but you don’t need to practice every day to be able to play them well.

I like guitars and drums, they are very fun to play to be honest.”

Who’s your favourite musician of all time?

“My favourite musician of all time in jazz is David Bowie. He has played music for years and he has always got into great shows.

The first time I went to see him I never thought I was in tune. When I did later and he was in tune I knew something different was going on. I have been to his shows and he plays really well and it is great to see that.”

How many albums are there for you in your collection?

“I don’t have an impressive track record.

I have one album and I hope it will be good”

How much time do you spend listening to different genres?

“You do need to have a little idea about what you want to play. But a good example is to listen to what other people are playing”

Which is harder to learn the guitar?

“The guitar is the hardest to learn for sure, but you can learn every instrument so the guitar will get you through. Most of all the technique will be in the mind so you will have to think about it every day.”

What are your favourite guitar tunings?

“I like most kinds of guitar tunings but I like them differently.

One kind of tuning is very easy for me, but the rest is a little bit harder for me.

I like different tunings a lot and the easiest one is 7 string tuning. I like that tuner a lot when i play in that format because it makes it easy to play. It is a nice tuner because it gives you the best feel for the strings”

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Is ukulele easy for guitar players? – Learn Ukulele Online Beginner Drawing
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