How do you play a ukulele like a pro? – Best Way To Learn Ukulele Strumming For Riptide Minecraft

Uke’s can have anywhere from 5 to 7 strings and you can switch in and out each string using a single slider (right to left). They also feature a slide switch for even more versatility.

All strings feature a set of six knobs – one for playing the note of the guitar (one on either side for the low E string) and three for the high E, B and A strings. This allows the ukulele to be played either acoustic style with a low E with low strings while playing the higher E, high E strings acoustic style with high E strings.

Each string is individually string-driven and has their own tone for each individual pitch and pitch range.

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Click here for my video demonstration of the uke.

The Uke’s slide switch features a 4-way slider switch that allows for four different levels of movement and you could even use it as a second or third finger or pick for added versatility. A 2-way switch allows for the use of both a lower and upper range of pitch as well as an even more versatile lower-mids on both top and bottom strings.

The fretboard is made of 12mm thick MDF. If you’re using a fretboard that you already own, you can simply replace the stock frets and you’ll be good to go – no cutting or bending required. The fretboard is a little different to the standard ukulele fretboard and it actually goes through a small hole, creating an extra groove for the ukulele strings to pass through. The smaller size allows more room for the strings to flow along the fretboard and it also keeps the frets nice and level. All this makes for a cleaner look for your instrument.

Click here for my video demonstration of the Uke.

It looks like there are some options for picking the ukulele string. It comes with two traditional style picks as pictured below. I’m a huge fan of the classic style but the 2-way switch allows you to switch between playing upper and lower string with the same note. We call that a “stretch” as it is a lot firmer and will have a much more realistic feel. You could even use the 2-way switch and still use your traditional style picks on top, bottom, and side and not have to worry about having to use the normal picks to keep things smooth.

The ukulele’s frets are actually made of 2-ply maple

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How do you play a ukulele like a pro? – Best Way To Learn Ukulele Strumming For Riptide Minecraft
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