What is the hardest guitar solo? – Best Online Guitar Lessons For Beginners

MATT: I think I’ve written about 300 different guitar solos. It’s a challenge. It’s fun to put your head down and play through all 200, 300, 400. Sometimes I’ll go for a week or two and then see if I can do it.

PAT: That’s kind of what I’m doing. We’re all trying to become as good and diverse as possible, and it’s hard when you do get a week and there’s still a couple things that seem impossible. I do feel that the thing you’re getting better and learning is the things that seem the most challenging. Because when I was young, I was pretty bad at everything, and it’s really frustrating.

Do you do that sort of backtracking just so if you run into a problem with a lick you can find a way to fix it quickly?

MATT: No. I do more in one day than I do in 6 months.

PAT: I think most of us do.

MATT: Yes. We get hung up on the basics.

PAT: I mean, if you are not doing that, you are not playing your best guitar.

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Does the idea of practicing soloing or playing in a group inspire you?

MATT: Well, you might not know that, but if you take all the great guitarists in the world and put them in a room or whatever, they’d all want to play one in a group. You can only do it when everybody is together. You can’t separate the soloers from the guitars.

If you’re going to do that, there’s gotta be a guy on the road who can do it.

PAT: Yeah, definitely.

Why did you start playing the guitar?

MATT: I’ve always been interested in music. That’s always been my connection to music. I just liked the idea of playing guitar. I’ve kind of been a rock ‘n’ roll guy my whole life. I started playing guitar as a kid and I always liked it, and as an adult, I never really thought much about it, because all I knew about guitar was the music I was hearing in the clubs, the concerts, and watching guys playing.

PAT: It wasn’t a big deal back then really. You had to have some kind of hobby or something to do. At that time, people didn’t have a lot of money. You

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What is the hardest guitar solo? – Best Online Guitar Lessons For Beginners
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