What should I learn first on guitar? – Learn Guitar Fretboard

The first thing to learn about guitar playing is how to play your chords. The second is learning how to use a scale. The third is becoming a rhythm player because that determines which notes are used. It’s not a coincidence that this technique is called “Rhythm Guitar”.

How do I pick up the guitar?

The simple answer is: Use a guitar. There was a time in history where this method would have not worked. People couldn’t practice for more than 5 minutes without losing their rhythm. Since the modern approach takes less than 5 minutes, you should be able to pick up a guitar fairly quickly.

Practicing with a guitar, the most important thing you must do is learn the right kind of chords. This will allow your fingers to pick up the chords naturally. This method also involves rhythm, so don’t forget about that!

What is a tuning?

You can’t learn how to play a song like “Taste The Rainbow” or “Sister Ray” like you can learn how to play tunes like “The Twist” or “Shuffle Your Body” by the guitar lesson in Guitar Theory. The key thing is that you tune your guitar to the same pitch as your ear. And that’s the key to playing most jazz standards correctly.

How do I practice?

There’s no need to be obsessed with perfecting any skills. That could be a good thing or bad thing. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad. In my opinion, it’s the kind of obsessing where you have the time to focus on practicing, but then you forget about it. Don’t let it happen to you.

Practice with a guitar and a good friend, then get some books, magazines and audio players that help you practice with a guitar and also teach you basic chords and strumming techniques. When you’re ready to move on, use our web site as a visual guide and don’t forget to go read some great guitar music on-line to take a fresh look at these guitar songs.

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What should I learn first on guitar? – Learn Guitar Fretboard
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