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The 4 most essential ones for guitar are C, D, E

1) C (Root)

The C major scale is the basis for most rock ‘n music. There are many other chords that are derived from C, but the most important one to get in on in the guitar soloing practice is the 3rd in C. For each chord there are 3 things that need to be studied: the root note of the chord (B), and which notes in the chord, and the 2nd chord (or the major triad or the major 6th chord). There are three main C chords that we will be studying: C, D and E.

C (Root)

You should focus on learning the root note of each C chord. There are 3 ways that you can go about learning this. You can either read the root note on any chord, or you can learn this on a scale like the minor pentatonic.

The first option will give us a basic understanding of how to pronounce the root note on any chord. The second option will get you a more comprehensive understanding of root notes. I prefer the second method as I feel that you will hear a better progression and/or feel more comfortable making the connections between C.

To read the root note of C on any chord, just play the chord up and down several times as shown in the first picture.

Cmaj7 or Cm
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The 4th in C, Cmaj7 (which can be written in either place maj7 or maj7b5). This shape gives us an additional note that we might not be able to place anywhere else, Bb. This note is an overdrive, so for that we need to play a minor pentad which is an overdrive of C. The second half of the shape will be the main attack of this dominant chord as we will play the Cmaj7 or Bb major pentatonic shape against that dominant chord.

1) C (Second)

This 2nd in C is a minor 7th. This minor 7th chord works as a tonic or root root for the blues, and is an easy exercise to learn the other chords in this chord shape. For a good reason, this chord is one of the most used chords and it uses the F blues scale. I will not cover the other F blues shapes but you can learn most of them on GuitarHero by playing them in the root position.

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What are the 3 most important guitar chords? – Sims 3 Learn Guitar Faster
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