Does playing guitar help with anxiety? – Learn Electric Guitar Reddit

A: I don’t know, I guess maybe playing the guitar helps.

Q: Do you have any guitar lessons?

A: I do some guitar lessons, but I don’t make anything, I think I’m a very hard worker, I’ll learn the guitar from the beginning, but I don’t do lessons, I find it very interesting to see guitarists. People’s lives, if they’re successful, I don’t care about that as much, if they’re not successful they won’t make money. I always felt that I’m a hard worker and have lots of personality. It doesn’t matter if I get it right, if I take the time to get to it, I do like music but I prefer music I can learn.

Q: What music influenced you at an early age?

A: I started in a pretty quiet place, not much. I studied piano. I was never on the streets, living poor, but music, I used to love it, the most important thing, I like to make people happy! I started with piano at that time, then started to play guitar, I was making money and I didn’t have a guitar, so I started to play and write songs, I used to have a piano, then I found a guitarist, I got him to use his guitar instead of his organ, on bass but I used to write songs and play the guitar. Then I found guitarists, I’ve always worked with guitarists, I was learning to play from books when I was growing up. I met guitarists a bit later, in Sweden because I was studying guitar, I used to play guitar, I found it very easy, I could learn in a day.

Q: A lot of other songs influenced you, I heard some of them played in the film.

A: In the film they played a lot music by me, some of my songs came when I had this big accident for three days. In the film a lot of people asked me to play, they got nervous because I was playing the last song from ‘In the End’ which was at the end of the score of the film. I was working with the composer, we are friends, we started working together and I said: “Let’s make music together, we gotta get in the studio.” I told them to leave the lights, and the camera, and the set on some days to make the picture. They took me to the studio and said: ”

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Does playing guitar help with anxiety? – Learn Electric Guitar Reddit
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