What is the hardest guitar solo? – Electric Guitar Fundamentals

KJ: The solo on the first track (the intro to “I Got You” from Backstreet Boys’ I Want It That Way), the whole thing starts around the third fret of the fourth fret, right in the middle. When you first play the note, that’s where it’s gonna come in. The key gets weird. It’s interesting. If I played that on the guitar, it’d sound good, but it has to sound like I’m going through an amp on the keyboard. So we’re going to start from that point, from the low end of the low C.


What are some keys or sections on the guitar that you’re always afraid can go wrong?

KJ: The one that I’m always afraid of is that section on the middle finger of the fourth fret. When we go up, or a C chord would be the easiest thing to play. The first thing we go through, in the key I used, we go up C for four beats, then down C, so it’s all C, C, C, C. Then if we go up, let’s say C, then we go two beats ahead on the D major scale, then C minor, so that means we have to do it a second time to make it up to D, then up, down, we’ve got us going up and then that’s the note we’re gonna play.

What do you do for the “take that” section?

KJ: We got it down the way we want it down. I can’t do it on purpose. I can’t play that on purpose; I don’t want him to think that.

Has the approach to writing your own material changed since you started out with the band?

KJ: Yeah. It’s a little easier for me to come with ideas and write them down. I didn’t work that hard that I used to. I worked harder on this record; I worked harder on this album. We started on that one with the same idea, and then later on we had the first record we wrote with the same kind of feeling, so it’s a pretty good record. So it’s easier now and if I write something more, it won’t be a bad record. Like on this record, we’re going to do a certain kind of thing, which is very different from what we did on the last record.
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What is the hardest guitar solo? – Electric Guitar Fundamentals
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