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A grant is a reimbursement. These reimbursements are made by the federal government for the cost to the Federal Department of Education of administering this program. These reimbursements are made in conjunction with a grant application. In total, grant recipients receive approximately $600,000 in total direct reimbursement for the program cost of the program.

Where does the money go?

When the federal government makes a grant, it does so as an independent grantee. Federal grants are made to school districts and, occasionally, to individual principals or school organizations.

The grant recipient chooses how the money will be used:

To pay costs associated with operating the program

For research or for other purposes specified under the grant.

Each grant recipient also receives a federal tax receipt in the amount of the grant. The federal tax receipts that are sent to this recipient are used to pay Federal Government taxes.

How does the federal grant work?

The grant is administered through the Federal School Lunch program.

When determining how to allocate school lunch funds, the grants office calculates:

The number of school lunches served per school

The total number of students served

The amount per student spent on each lunch per day

The amount spent on the lunch program per pupil

The portion of the funds allocated to individual districts or individuals

How are school districts and individual principals compensated?

Grant recipients are not compensated for the time the student participants spend serving lunch and the time they spend eating at the lunch table. The food costs that are shared by several district and individual employees are included in the grant.

How are the funds spent?

In order to continue to provide the nutritional quality meals served to hungry students, each district is required to follow certain standards specified in the program regulations. These regulations provide guidelines designed to ensure that school meals meet the needs of the children who are served them, including:
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A diet low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and salt, to encourage healthy eating

Nutrient-dense foods such as meats, fresh fruit, poultry, vegetables, fresh fruit juices, whole grains (bread, pasta, rice), vegetables, peanut butter, beans, whole-fat dairy products, nonfat milk, and cooked poultry

Low-fat dairy products for children who are very intolerant of low-fat, high-fat dairy products

Children who live below the poverty line or who are from families who are homeless may be eligible for a reduced meal

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What is the federal government grant? – Grants To Help With Debt
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