Do I qualify for a free boiler UK? – Federal Government Grants For Small Business Owners

We’ve asked our loyal customers to submit the most common questions that you have been asking about the UK Free Boilers programme for a free boiler UK. Check it out here.

Are there other ways to earn free UK boilers?

You can also earn free UK boilers through our UK Boiler Sales website. You can access this page by clicking here.

Do I qualify for a free UK boiler?

In order to gain free UK boilers we need to get your company listed as a manufacturer in either the Boiler Manufacturers Register. This is done through a process called ‘Dissolution of Conflicts of Interest’. It’s the equivalent of having your own company registered in the register. To take part in a Dissolution of Conflicts of Interest, the company will need to have the following documents.

We can confirm with the manufacturer’s registered email address that you are eligible for a free UK boiler. So, if you have a company that you think is eligible to have a free UK boiler, you can contact their registered email address directly.

How can I make my company available to have a FREE UK BOILER UK?

When we list the manufacturer of a product within the BMR, we can provide an option for them to have another company purchase the product. That new company can choose how they want to advertise the BMR for free on our website. We are working with other UK manufacturers to build the online advertising platforms and we hope to see this being in place in Spring 2012.

In the meantime, you can always contact us directly via the contact details on the right.

Where can I find more information about UK Boiler Sales?

You have come to the right place! From, you’ll find all kinds of information about UK Boiler Sales.

The latest free UK boiler sales info and news:

Our new newsletter, our latest free boiler sales tips and tricks, the best ways to get your free UK boiler, all available, in one place.

We publish a number of free boiler news updates every week, and the latest free boiler sales tips and tricks on our new social media pages!

We can also tell you about the latest events, UK Boiler Sales and our other marketing initiatives too.

Check out our new website, our home for all about free UK boiler sales, including our upcoming events.

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Do I qualify for a free boiler UK? – Federal Government Grants For Small Business Owners
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