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Many government grant decisions are based on the assumption that some property should be used to fund government programs. It is important to realize that every grant decision is a decision to spend funds. This decision is not based on the need for the grant, but on the amount of the grant, the value of the grant and the risk inherent in giving the grant. If the grant is too small, too risky or for no good reason, it is better to give it to a charity that has a proven track record for funding important social programs.

If the grant does not fit your needs and doesn’t meet your values, it is your responsibility to make the decision to give it to an appropriate charity. To get started, please see our Guide to Choosing a Charity.

It’s a game of chess… and it just might lead to Donald Trump’s downfall.

An Associated Press reporter in Pennsylvania just got a tip off that Trump is under investigation for violating the law by refusing to fully disclose his tax returns.

The AP reporter spoke with someone who claims he has access to Donald Trump’s tax returns, and it turns out his sources are not the kind of “friends” a president would call to get a copy.

If Trump isn’t under investigation – and there is no other reason to think he is – it could lead to the most humiliating congressional hearing in memory.

Even though the Republican Congress is in complete disarray, it would be hard to get the president’s taxes to come out before a House committee.

“It’s not gonna happen,” an aide for House Oversight Committee chair Trey Gowdy told the Associated Press. “If there is a subpoena for it he’s obviously gonna give it up. You know there’s a subpoena there that could come down for that reason and not for any other reason.”

The fact that a reporter has a source who claims to have a personal interest in uncovering Trump’s tax affairs is exactly the kind of “treason” that Republicans despise so much.

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Is government grant an asset? – Ggf Program
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