What is a direct grant? – South Australian Government Grants For Small Business

A direct grant is a grant of cash, money, goods or other things or services, or an offer of a gift, on a contract for a definite or indefinite time. These grants are generally to be used to improve public health or to promote the welfare of a family, friends or community.

What is a non-direct grant?

A non-direct grant or gift is a grant of something, often personal or intangible, by the government and often intended to promote a community or political cause. In all cases, the grant is not made on direct agreement. A non-direct grant allows the government to make a substantial contribution to the success of a community or political cause without directly acquiring direct ownership.

A direct grant made to a person for charitable or charitable purposes may be termed a charitable income grant, as opposed to a non-direct grant.

How is direct grant taxed?

Income tax is due on the income and gift tax is payable on the gift tax. Income tax is paid on any income earned in receipt of a direct grant.

Gift tax is payable on gifts and other income and gifts are taxed like a gift.

Why do I need to have my income for the year before making a grant?

It is good practice in most jurisdictions to check income and gifts made in the previous year before making any grants. For example, if a person makes a grant without the previous year’s income, it will be reported in the income for the year before the grant was made to them – but the person will owe income tax even if they make the grant again.

What has the law said on direct grants and gifts?

In the UK the Taxation (Kinds of Gifts) Act 1979 exempts gifts from inheritance tax, however, gifts made to other persons are taxable (except in the case of gifts to organisations which have an exemption).

The European Communities Direct State Aid Law 2015 also sets out a general exemption and does not exempt specific types or categories of direct grants.
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Where can I find more information?

There are many more UK related resources at https://www.gov.uk/.

What happens on tax returns when a grant is made?

Grant returns for the previous year contain a statement about what was received. It states that it was “granted”. It is also possible now to have a grant paid or payable in full, or to receive gifts or cash in return for the grant and then repay

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What is a direct grant? – South Australian Government Grants For Small Business
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