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A block grant is a specific program or set of programs funded by the federal government. A block grant can be specific to a department or a specific program. It can also be more general to a range of programs such as education or research. These are the funds available to local governments in the Federal Block Grant Program (FBPG). By the nature of the FBPG, each district must obtain a matching grant from the state. The state’s matching grant to each district does not guarantee they will receive the maximum amount of federal aid. Local governments may only use the federal matching funds to make the exact same number of expenditures as they would have received in matching grants from the state.

How does this impact Texas?
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Texas is a big state (more than 200 million people), so it might seem strange for all the districts to use $5 million. Well, the federal matching funds are distributed to each district according to the share of their revenues that they spend as grants. As we’ve pointed out before (see below), in Texas, the most successful districts use less of their funds on education spending. The average per student in Texas is about $4,000 a year. The most successful districts are the districts that are spending the least per student on education. The most successful districts are the ones that are using the least of their state grants per student. So, if districts were to use the matching funds to make more per student spending, then they would have less of their state aid. This means the total amount of state aid would drop. But, the average number of students in Texas per district would increase slightly under this scenario. So, while an increase in per student spending might mean that a particular district may receive less state aid, it would be only offset by the increase in per student spending.

What is the main difference between a block grant and a general federal spending program?

A block grant program or a larger federal money program (the Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA) are similar to a general federal spending program (GAAP) in that they both provide large amounts of aid to a single region. But the main difference is that, a general government program is meant to make sure local governments have adequate resources to fulfill basic needs to keep the entire region stable. A block grant program and a GAAP program are meant to make sure local governments have additional resources to make them operate more efficiently for their needs.

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What are examples of block grants? – Government Grants For Small Business Set Up
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