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The Department of Health and Human Services’ (DHHS) Family and Protective Services will be creating a new multi-functional program within the Department of Human Services to help meet the needs of children and adolescents who have experienced traumatic or sexual abuse.

Who is eligible?
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This multi-functional program (including programs for youth) can be for any child or adolescent who has experienced, was subjected to, or witnessed sexual abuse or trauma. It includes programs specifically for youth who were sexually abused as a child and have experienced trauma or sexual abuse as a teen to help them process these experiences and maintain the mental and physical health of their self and others.

Do programs for youth, as well as programs for adults, have any difference?

No programs for adults are currently being created.

How do I apply?

To determine whether services are needed in your community, please complete a list of services and contact the relevant programs listed and/or designated as needing services.

Are there benefits for families and families with children when choosing to become involved in the new Family and Protective Services?

Yes! This program will ensure that a parent, guardian or other adult in the care of the child or adolescent can maintain their identity as a child. Parents can learn more about the program, and apply for services before the process is completed. Services may be offered to all or some of the children and youth in the home.

How does the new program structure fit with the State’s Safe Streets and Neighborhoods Program?

The new program establishes separate but complementary roles for men and women in the community to help ensure the family is safe and healthy. This ensures that a parent, guardian or other adult in the care of a child or youth can maintain their identity as a child and that the child or youth is given the respect and support of a family.

Who is eligible for services?

The services are targeted specifically to children and youth who:

were physically or sexually abused or subjected to acts or conditions of cruelty, neglect or exploitation as a child

have witnessed, experienced, or were subjected to an unlawful deprivation of liberty or a related crime

Were victims of child abuse as a child, adult, or teenager and have experienced or witnessed a traumatic incident, including a criminal act

have recently experienced family violence or had an experience that has affected their family’s health

have experienced or are experiencing a mental health condition that will not allow them to perform their job or needs to

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What is the new DHHS program? – Government Grants For School For Moms
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