What are project grants? – Government Assistance For Single Mothers

You can apply for a project grant from the Department if you think you might need specialist resources to build and run a project. The project grant can then be used to make a specific contribution to a project, for example to provide a specialist site, equipment or expertise.

If you’re an individual not a company or a foundation then you can apply directly to the Department. We look at your unique situation and then apply our funding system if it’s the right opportunity for your organisation.

How is the funding system set?

The funding system looks at a number of factors including a range of characteristics. The project grant is a fixed amount in advance, either via your application or through the general fund. You must then choose to allocate and spend it based on your specific circumstances.

Each project will receive detailed information about how you can use the grant. These include:
Sample Grant Application Form - 16+ Free Documents in PDF ...

The type of project, such as a rural home or rural schools

All the areas where the project should be undertaken

The project cost you’ll need

The expected outcome of the project

The projected delivery date

The anticipated cost of undertaking the project

The expected length of the project

The types of equipment required

The size and scope of the services proposed to be provided.

These factors and more will be taken into account in setting up the project.

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What are project grants? – Government Assistance For Single Mothers
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