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It would be a lot easier to define what the rules include. If the question is whether to allow medical marijuana in a home or office, it is a question of federal law rather than state law. State laws generally include state statutes that define when it is illegal or permitted to grow, manufacture, dispense, or sell marijuana in each community. For example, a city would have a separate ordinance that states:

Article 9, Chapter 12-a: “There is hereby established, pursuant to Chapter 12-a, a Marijuana Cultivation Center Board. It shall have and enforce authority over all matters relating to the cultivation, possession, sale, delivery, and distribution of marijuana.”

For the most part, the public law enforcement laws are very similar to the federal law. For example, a federal law that was passed in 1970 said that a “controlled substance analogue” or a “controlled substance” was any substance that, when smoked, contained 1.2 percent or less of the psychoactive compound tetrahydrocannabinol, the main psychoactive compound in marijuana. As a result, it would likely be a federal crime to grow marijuana in your home or office. While federal law forbids the trafficking of marijuana, the law is so broad, it could make it easy to make a violation even if it was lawful.

Does a state law allow smoking marijuana?

Unfortunately, state and local laws prohibit marijuana smoking. For example, a law like the Oregon and Washington State statutes on growing marijuana would make it an offense to grow such a quantity in a private home or office. In Washington, it is an offense to transport it from one state to another with intent to sell or use it illegally.

Oregon’s law is somewhat similar. The statute specifically defines a “marihuana” as any vegetable, flower, fruit, seeds, plant, or any other part of the species Cannabis sativa L., but not limited. The Oregon law prohibits possession but not use of marijuana. Under this law, there is a crime of cultivation with intent to manufacture or possess the controlled substance analogue (doubtful, it would not be illegal to possess the controlled compound of marihuana, cannabidiol or delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol if possession is with a doctor’s prescription). It is a felony that requires a minimum sentence of 15 years to live.

Can pot be used for medicinal purposes?

Marijuana is a highly addictive narcotic substance that carries with it significant risks.

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Is DHHS state or federal? – Usagovernmentgrants.Org Scammer Get Scammed
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