Can grants be used for anything? – Government Grants For Small Business Covid 19

The way to earn money from your own funds is to earn at least 3 stars on a level (up to 6 stars in Hard mode). To earn any other level in the game you have to pay for them with cash at stores. If you buy something with a coin from a store, you get one star.

If you don’t earn a star or a cash from level up you can give back to the store. You can also go to a store and use your cash to buy goods for a star; to see the price of a product you have to pay a small fee at the shops.

The store itself may not always have much cash – if there is no cash, just go to a random store and buy something. When you see the price of a product, the cash will be in your wallet. If you don’t pay for the item within a certain time (usually 5 minutes), you get one star.

How do I change my money into stars?

There are many ways to earn stars: buying items from the store, getting money from other people, completing challenges by taking on higher difficulties without getting a star, and even changing your money in the game to earn stars.

When you buy something from the store it will come with 0 stars. You can only buy the item once, and you can use a single coin to buy at most one item.

How do I turn this into cash to buy the good?

The way to turn a coin into a star is to use it to spend on items at a store (for the first time). When you do this, it gives you 3 stars. For each time you spend the coin on an item, you will get one star. The coins also have a small random chance of turning into stars that give even greater bonuses.

If you want to get even more stars, you can buy even more items from shops in the game that will give you even more stars, as well as new coins.

What happens if I have 4 stars. Will I get any cash?

For every stars you get, you will get a bonus star. And you will also earn a new coin every time you spend the star on an item.

You can buy lots of money-making items at a store, but at most you can only buy a single item (for example, you can buy a lot of coins for a star but only have 1 star). If you get a star again and use

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Can grants be used for anything? – Government Grants For Small Business Covid 19
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