Who can get a grant? – Government Grants For Women In Business

Anywhere, in any amount. The grant funds our organization in various ways. You can: Become a member of our board

Become a member of our community outreach group

Purchase a $10 gift certificate from any store.

Participate in a quarterly community garden sale or fundraiser

Contribute to scholarships, programs or projects

Become an individual donor to our organization Make a gift through our website and get a receipt for each gift you make.

What is community engagement? Community engagement helps us to plan, execute and manage outreach activities. It improves our organization’s visibility and ability to get the word out about our work. It also includes developing, monitoring and improving our communication and communications services. Community engagement is important to our outreach activities because it helps us to improve our services and resources, build our brand, develop our capacity and identify new and relevant clients. What are the goals of the Community Engagement group? Our goal is to: Improve our communication services and communications capabilities

Develop and execute strategic communications programs and services

Inform and educate

Promote equity by building relationships

Coordinate activities and provide oversight and support

Develop and manage programs, services and programs to be sustainable and effective

Advance justice through awareness, empowerment, inclusion, and community engagement

Inform, educate, and enable individuals to address their issues and develop healthy communities

Participate in community events

Develop and monitor and report on key community experiences

Collaborate with the Department of Human Services to implement other statewide programs and services.

Make a Community Engagement grant through our website.

What is a community garden sale and fundraiser? A community garden sale and fundraiser is a social event held throughout Orange County annually to raise funds for community gardening. Each year more than $20,000 of Orange County’s annual $9.7 billion budget is spent on gardening and garden products. This generates an annual $90 million in economic activity for Orange County. The event takes place on a community garden or other public outdoor space where members of our organization can share tools and information. We invite residents, business leaders, other organizations and people from the community to purchase produce and other gardening goods. What is a Community Engagement team? Our community engagement team focuses on a few main areas that are designed to facilitate the growth and growth of the OEA. Our organization develops and manages strategic communication and marketing efforts that promote the organization’s mission and support our community engagement activities. We work alongside

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Who can get a grant? – Government Grants For Women In Business
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