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There’s nothing wrong with a bit of humor, but you have to love the fact that this lady was still smiling after being kicked out of a Toronto subway station

The funny lady who was kicked out of a Yonge-Dundas Square subway station after getting into a shouting match with a fellow patron may have been the only person allowed to enjoy the “tremendous embarrassment that is the subway.”

The unnamed woman’s story is a real thing, of course. It’s also apparently true that the TTC doesn’t care about customer privacy much. It would have been more upsetting if someone had been kicked out for getting up to urinate, but the Toronto Sun took the liberty of publishing a story about what happens when a subway passenger gets pissed off.

The woman, who was standing behind a group of riders at the west end of the subway, was loudly arguing with a woman who is apparently one of those “bros” that are a staple of subway car displays. She asked another of the other riders, a man, to quiet down and, after a brief conversation, approached a woman sitting between two of the other riders, with a beer and a cigarette in one hand and a towel in the other.

The lady, standing next to that man in the middle of a crowded subway car, started to approach the woman, but before she could, the man walked over and put his arms around her shoulders, which caused a fight that the two got into. As the yelling went on, the woman took a deep breath and quickly stood, saying she was done arguing. But what followed is priceless.

The entire incident was captured on video (which you can find above), as the video makes it sound as though someone is yelling obscenities and then there’s a fight between somebody screaming at each other for all to hear.

We don’t know which guy is screaming in the background, but when the video cuts away, it’s clear that the dude who grabbed the woman and started to “help” her is the one speaking to the camera. He was the one who was actually arguing with the woman.

The man who tackled the lady is no better-looking

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What can I build at home to sell? – Best Woodworking Business Cards
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