Is Woodworking an expensive hobby? – Woodworking Businesses Income

Read our advice: How much DIY are you willing to put in?

Do you have a wood-working kit? If so, how much should you buy?

Do you want your shop to look like a wood shop? Join the club.

I can’t have too much work done here in the workshop, do you?

What can you tell me about your shop?

Do you plan to buy equipment?

I want to buy a few things and a few more later…

Who are your customers? Tell us who they are!

Do you have any plans to develop this into a web site or blog?

Do you have any special offers for this product?

Have you heard of our friends at Woodfunk Woodworking? Read the story of their launch and the wonderful work they’ve been doing!

What is your favourite type of woodworking?

Are you a fan of a “Woodburner?”

Do you like a good challenge?

Do you have the right equipment for a job?

Do you have the right equipment for a job? Is your woodworking equipment set up properly?

What are your thoughts about woodworker’s centres?

Can you give me basic info about a certain model of workshop? (For example the type of paint and how many pots/pans/dishes are used?).

If you’re having a bit of trouble finding the answer(s) above, then here are some more questions for you:

What kind of woodworking project did you use to do this?

Have you ever set up a small room for the wood-working hobby?

What is your favourite type of piece of furniture?

Have you ever worked on any project as a result of being told that the workshop was very well suited for this work?

Could you tell me about building a workshop at home?

Can you tell me some of the problems you had during the workshop?

Here’s how to get started. You can search and browse our catalogue now. If you do have questions, let us know

Let’s talk about your shop. Tell us a bit about your business, and how you started.

Please send us a photo of an article about you using the store. Just tell us the title, and the URL.

Let’s talk a bit about the tools and materials that you use at your shop. Here are

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Is Woodworking an expensive hobby? – Woodworking Businesses Income
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