What should I build out of wood? – Self Employed Woodworker Salary

For more woody stuff that needs some attention, like the top of your fireplace and the sides of your hearth, here are my favorite options for the wood-building world.

Woodworking Basics: Basics & Tools

This article will focus on the basic woodworking skills to get you started making simple wooden projects. In the next section we’ll look at some general and specific woodworking materials, tools that work well together and some woodworking tools that may be helpful in one project or the other. But, before we dive in, you should remember that you are not limited to these building options. You may, for example, create a shelf out of balsa wood, or build a table deck out of oak or maple.

So far we’ve covered the different types and types of wood available, what they do, and what you generally need for a simple project. But, it’s time to move onto our next topic, which is the specific materials you need to make your project, and how. That’s because many woodworking projects start to fall apart when you try to build a large project with just one kind of wood.

The following sections, which will follow our next topic, are devoted to the specific materials you need to use and how to use them. Some of these, like balsa, are available in lots of different colors and types, which you can easily find at any home store. Others, like plywood, are less common and must be found on local lots. Others, like pine (also known as Ponderosa) or cedar, are rare but you can find them on some local building materials.

So, take a breather and come back next time when we get into general woodworking materials. This will take you on a little woodworking wild goose chase, and you’ve been warned.

Note: Some of these topics will appear in Part 2 of our series.

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What should I build out of wood? – Self Employed Woodworker Salary
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