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How many times do we hear from entrepreneurs with little or no sales? A lot of them have no skills, no contacts, and no money. And that makes them easy to sell.

In the same spirit, how much do you work on learning how to market yourself when you just made $7500 in revenue?

What is the next big thing, if not “how to make money?”

The solution, I’m sure, is to make more of your life for less of your time. That’s a good strategy for any business. What about you, does your job leave you with less free time? Or do you spend time worrying about whether your job is “enough”? Here are some thoughts on how to be as successful as possible.

Find Out How Much Less Free Time You Have

In a previous post, I talked about the concept of free time. This means you can live without having an actual job at all. However, it doesn’t mean you’ll have no free time: you’ll still have time to do stuff, like watch episodes of Game of Thrones, read about music, study, socialize, and generally be productive with little interference from your job.

However, a lot of people (and especially people under 30), are forced to have jobs to do stuff. Many of them aren’t motivated to take time out to think more about where they are in life and what skills they’re missing. This is also true for some businesses. Take Instagram, for example. In addition to working full-time on the platform, they pay their developers a salary of roughly $100,000 per year, which is less than you’d make in a good position as a chef or bartender. In a way, they are “sitting on their asses” rather than “taking the time to make life.”

I’ve heard of people doing this: creating apps to help others do things they don’t have direct access to. If Instagram is the perfect example (you’ll have to watch the video), here’s why: most apps are either too hard to use or too hard to find where you need them. For example, I know I’m missing some skills that some people would absolutely love. I could learn about writing better for iOS, or writing better code for Rails, or how to be more efficient with time tracking; just to name a few.

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But even if I made these skills up and built my own app and marketed it, I wouldn’t have time to create videos

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What are easy things to make and sell? – Custom Woodworking Business Card Design
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