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One of the very best ways to make money on your own is by being a craftsman yourself. It may not seem so profitable at first, but a small business can have a huge impact on the economy if you can produce high quality handmade goods. In my experience this is true for a wide range of products, from handbags to carpets to coffee. For the craft to thrive you need to be able to make products that are in demand and you must be open to a variety of different business models. As with any crafts, you need to set your own prices and you must have access to raw materials. I would recommend setting up a business in your home if you are interested in this kind of business. If you have a bigger business then you may be better off setting it up in a factory. You can then use your manufacturing capacity to make your products much faster and cheaper.

For example, most high end handbags are made in China and are quite expensive. When you are making your own, instead of buying a bag from the shop you will be able to buy raw materials on the cheap. You will be able to produce bags in the same factory that does your bags.

If you are interested in building yourself a business, I advise you to check out the Craft Business Academy web site for some very helpful tips

How do you make money by selling?

Although there is a market for selling handmade crafts, you need to be creative in creating a market for your hand-crafted goods. Most of the times you want to sell them on eBay, Etsy, or Amazon. In this case you are competing against others who are more established. There are some other sites like Etsy Shop which you can also advertise to sell your goods.

How do you earn money on Etsy, Ebay and Etsy Store?

In general, the only money you will make from sales of your handmade goods is through commissions from online retailers such as Etsy. Etsy accepts PayPal as a form of payment and you can also accept cards such as Mastercard. Depending on how much income you can generate the next day, this is where commissions can come from. The Etsy shop also offers discounts for buyers when they first list their handmade items. You only need to place this item onto the shop and let the store do the rest.

Amazon uses a similar model as eBay, though the prices are much higher. The best way to make money on Etsy is to sell your artwork, jewelry, books, shirts, etc.

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What are the most profitable handmade crafts? – Woodworking Companies Logos
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