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Because they want people to pay up front.

You see this happen every couple of years. The same person comes back and says: I’ve done this once, I’ve done that… it just keeps happening. And then they have the money and they go back to the table… and the amount of money people are going to pay up front just doesn’t seem to have the appeal to repeat them. They end up being less fun for people. It’s why it’s important to make the casino pay their bills at the table after the round. As well as the table fees and service fees for the table. So people have this expectation of the casino paying these back with a fixed amount of money. There have to be no surprises in terms of the amounts.

Why do you think a $10 card is still a $10 card?

Well, they say: “Oh we are going to give you a $10 credit, you don’t have to pay anything up front.” And if they come back a couple of times, they are going to put the $10 in the cash register and they will say: “You can take it. You just have to pay it now.” And they’ll do it again and again.

When I go back to New York I always take a $10 at the table before I take $10 off. Because, the one in California is $10, too. It’s a stupid system. So you have to pay for that card on-board. That’s the only reason I do it.

Is that $20 card enough?

Not anymore. $20 in New York is not enough for some people… because they always want more; they always want more. They say: “I’ve never ever got this $20” and that’s their thing. And if there are more slots at the table, they say: “How much do I keep them on me?”

I remember reading that the original version of the $20 slot machine that you mentioned at the end of The King and I was a bad idea. They said: “That will never work.” What did you think is the right version?

I don’t know. But I always remember when I played the original machine because I always found it to be a lot better than the new version.

So it’s like: If it doesn’t work, don’t use it on?


So what is it about the original machine that was

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Why do casinos have table limits? – Free Online Roulette Practice Play Roulette
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