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In 1877 John D. Rockefeller was still the president of Standard Oil. He had been inspired by the popular game of dice called horseshoes and introduced a gambling machine to his New York City apartment. Although he claimed to have invented dice, the idea of betting money on horses became his signature invention at that time.

Rockefeller’s patent for gambling was granted for the “tournament game” of horse racing. The patent describes a system where roulette wheels are linked into a circuit which keeps track of bet placed on a horse. The bets are counted and compared before placing the winner on a wheel.

Some historians suggest this invention was probably invented and patented in 1878. Other historians suggest the invention of roulette was actually invented in 1876 by two French-born engineers named Jean-Pierre Riquet and Charles de Siviere.

(1) D├ęcarie rouleuse (1793), a “tournament roulette” machine that had no rolling wheel. It had roulette wheels linked together into a ‘tournament’ device. The wheel, pictured is made from wooden dowels attached to a metal bar suspended below the rollers. (2) Gambling-related patents (1873) for a “chameleon’ game (aka “faucet roulette”) a dice-like lottery game. These were probably the first patents ever to show the use of dice for betting. (3) An improved version of a gambling machine patented by E.P. Broussard in 1899. Broussard claimed to have invented a roule roulette (pictured right). (4) Patent for a “poker wheel”, patented in 1907, which allowed a player to roll the wheel in three directions, with a two-sided dice.

These and many others are available to buy at many online bookstores, ebay, and various trade shows.

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Who invented roulette? – Play Online Blackjack For Real Money
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