Should you eat after 7pm? – How To Lose Weight Appropriately


What time do you check in?

9pm sharp. Please.

Should you check in at a restaurant first?

No. Your room is the priority.

I know what time to eat. Can you tell me this time and how?

No. You’re the one with the question.

What are your personal rules for dining in public?

Eat when you are comfortable. Do what you like if it’s not a party. Don’t take shit from anyone and don’t take it personally if someone makes a fool of you. And, please – don’t eat until you’re out of that room, otherwise you’re in violation of the kitchen.

What do you recommend for students going to this event?

If you’re going and will be coming after 6pm you should probably eat before 7pm. This includes the last half hour where the food will be served.

If you’re a student not eating at this time please ask for a guest table.

If it’s a class, then it’s best to check in at class first, but if you’re just a bit worried about being late, no worries.

Any other questions?

Feel free to message me and I’ll try to answer them. I won’t promise I’ll get there on time but if I can get the rest of the house to my room at time 4am, it’s a big day.

Also, please share all of your experiences on this event for others to have. I’ll be updating this guide when the next event is, including the photos.


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Should you eat after 7pm? – How To Lose Weight Appropriately
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