How many calories do you burn in a day without exercise? – Meal Plans For Weight Loss Mayo Clinic

I find the best answer to be in about two hours if I’m not working out. So, I’m able to do two different things, and that’s it. I’ll walk around, play with my kids, read something. My kids are five, they have their own thing. I’ll play with them, and I go to bed at six because I’m tired.

Does that happen often?

I know people who, for a month, have done it the exact same way I do, and it’s very hard. But when I say that, in the summer I’ll do it. But in the winter when I’m at home, I don’t walk so much.

This is a big question. So I’m on the treadmill or some exercise machine. The treadmill is pretty efficient—I’m walking along for maybe 35 minutes. It’s just an aerobic exercise.

How about this machine?

When I’m at home, I use a cycling machine. It’s all power, and it uses the energy that’s stored, the mitochondria, the energy source of my muscles. Like you said, it’s my body temperature, so I don’t really need to exercise very, very much.

Is that as efficient?

Yeah—it’s not very efficient, actually. The energy I can get is much more. So, it’s about 10 to 15 calories per minute, depending on the distance.

You use those calories—

I keep the calories down.

So how do you do it?

There is a different way to do it. I use, basically, a little breathing technique.

Oh my god, yeah! My lungs have to work a little bit—you’re not breathing normally.

Yes! Why not?

Because as we age, we burn more of the calories—especially your mitochondria. But the actual movement, you have to get a little bit more oxygen. Like you know, how many calories do you burn by walking around? If you’re in a room with no air conditioning or nothing, you’re probably burning no more than five to 10 calories per minute. Your mitochondria have taken over, and you need about 10 additional minutes per day to burn those more calories.

So, do you keep the calories low?

I use less calories on my treadmill. I keep the calories low.

How about your swimming pool and the water cooler? How are you

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How many calories do you burn in a day without exercise? – Meal Plans For Weight Loss Mayo Clinic
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