How do you exercise your eyes? – Weight Loss Naturally At Home In Hindi

How do you move your head? Where do you keep them? I don’t know. But as for what I have to do, I just walk around. I go where my eyes lead me, what my brain tells me to. And then, if the weather is warm, we make a fire and let the air warm it. When it’s dark, I turn some lights on so that I can read, but I can also read without the lights.”

But these aren’t necessarily the activities to which one would be referred to for seeking therapy. Rather, they are matters which, if examined without haste, can be explained by the nature of the disease that causes them—a disorder called dystonia, or dystonic palsy.
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“I had to work on the diagnosis and the diagnosis alone wasn’t enough to deal with a physical disability,” she admits. “I couldn’t simply turn on the lights and read about how I liked to read as if my eyes were in a trance. The way I saw it, if I was going to read or do anything, I had to have my eyes open and my head turned. And then if I went to the right place for certain passages or passages and got lost, I’d have to figure out where I was, find my way back, and then find my reading position and then turn the lights off without stopping.”

Such thoughts came up many times, the woman recalls. On one occasion, she was walking the streets of New Delhi, and a young man, carrying a bottle of alcohol, followed her down the street and shouted insults. “I said, ‘You don’t even understand Hindi’,” recalls the woman. “And he took off running away, and as I went on with my walk I heard him shouting. I turned my head around and saw that he had run right into me. I turned my head back around and he was running after me. I thought, ‘Oh my God!’ If I had been looking the right way, he would be gone. But I’m a blind woman and I’m not used to having someone follow me.”

This was one of the first times that the woman became aware of mental illness, or “affective disorders,” which she had initially believed, she says, were problems to be tackled only with therapy. “But then I started researching. I was really intrigued by my condition, and when I was finally able to go to a doctor, the doctor found my dystonia. The doctor explained that these

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How do you exercise your eyes? – Weight Loss Naturally At Home In Hindi
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