How can I lose face fat? – Dieting Process

There are no easy answers to that question. The best way to lose fat is to lose it slowly and gradually.

The best way to lose body fat is to work your way up to a 5.3kg max with about 80-90% of that weight coming from cardio and HIIT training. Doing this in a slow and steady pace can cause you to reach your goal weight in a fast period and then keep at it slowly. When you start on a goal of 20kg+ or higher, the first stage is to cut your cardio and HIIT training drastically to ensure that you gain muscle. This will take time to change. When you start with a 10% loss in carbs the next phase starts with a decrease of roughly 10% in carbs and an increase of about 3%. A 20kg goal requires an initial loss of 10% carbs and about 2.5kg in muscle from fat. It probably means you will lose more lean muscle than fat during this phase.

In general, if we keep a gradual rate of weight loss and do not try to reach our max body fat level during the first few months the rest should happen in a natural way. One of the main reasons for muscle loss, especially as it relates to the body fat, is that body fat is a byproduct of a low level of energy intake. A higher energy level allows the body to use more fat in order to make up for the excess calories that it is consuming.

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It is true that some people are more sensitive to fluctuations in energy availability than others. For instance, people who are a lot more sensitive to fluctuations in energy availability than others tend to gain weight. One way to address this issue is to make sure you maintain a reasonable amount of energy intake throughout the day, in line with your body weight. It is also important to be in a state of sufficient sleep. Not doing both of these steps will put you at risk of weight gain. When you’re working out hard and are trying to get a little energy left, this will help you to keep your weight in check and your body fat levels in check.

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How can I lose face fat? – Dieting Process
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