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What causes belly fat to burn

What are all the methods people use to rid their bodies of belly fat?

One in four women will die in childbirth in her lifetime and two in three of those will die from a Caesarean birth, a study has revealed

A third of all women will suffer from post-natal complications by the time they reach their 30s, according to a study which found that those who deliver vaginally are twice as likely to suffer a serious complication compared with those who deliver by caesarean section

By the time a third of women reach the age of 30, they will be twice as likely to face problems caused by childbirth and nearly a quarter of them will have died, the study found.

Experts say the figures are concerning as around three quarters of women in Britain live in areas where a vaginal delivery is the option chosen for many, leaving them vulnerable to the risk of complications.

It has been estimated that around three out of every 5,000 deliveries will result in a baby with complications, with around 90 per cent of those requiring surgery. Many of the problems caused by the vaginal delivery of babies are relatively minor.

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Many of the same issues that are exacerbated by vaginally assisted births, such as pressure sores, can be found in any kind of c-section, but in women with pre-existing pain or illness they are more likely to make a trip to the GP. It can also be very expensive, with the cost of the most serious problems like cardiac arrhythmia and respiratory failure alone estimated at a staggering £24,000.

However, the authors of the report, which examined the longterm effects of delivery by cesarean section on women who had a C-section, say women who deliver vaginally are not at risk of these complications, but the risk can be significantly more serious with a caesarean, and this must be considered when making major decisions such as where a woman is told she can get the treatment she needs.

This, they say, means that while women may need hospital care to help them with their post-birth pain, they should not be forced to endure hours of painful tests as a condition of surgery.

The study, which was commissioned by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) and conducted by the University of Dundee researchers, showed that, compared with women who suffered complications at their first C-section, those who had

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Does sweating burn belly fat? – Full Body Weight Loss Yoga For Beginners
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