What ukulele should a beginner buy? – Basic Ukulele Book

Well for a beginner it’s a good idea to choose a guitar to give you a good start in your instrument training. As always, pick one that has good intonation and tone control.

Here are a few good guitars that should be on your list:

– Ibanez RG6

– Gibson Gretsch

Alouette Ukulele Fingerpicking Pattern | Ukulele ...
– Fender Jaguar / Telecaster

– Gibson SG/HX

– Fender Tele

– Ibanez/Fender Explorer / Fender Telecaster

– Ibanez T10 / Fender P-1

– Ibanez P-1

– Fender Telecaster

If you want to have a better foundation in your playing you are strongly advised to buy a Fender Jazz guitar especially if u need a decent practice set.

Here is the list of guitars that can give you much more practice range and give you a good general basis if you start building ukulele instruments:

– Gibson ES-335

– Fender Mustang II

– Seymour Duncan V-Sonic

– Fender Jazzmaster

– ES-335

– Fender Precision Strings

– Fender Jazz Bass

– Ibanez JB5

– Ibanez JB30

– Fender Strats

– Fender Jazz / Acoustic

– Ibanez Super Tele

– Ibanez Super Jazz

– Fender Bass

Here is the advice from my friend Mark who got his started in guitar ukulele on a bass: “There are many good bass guitars but some get less play on bass guitar playing wise than some guitar and ukulele combos. Many guitar and ukulele combos need to look at the bass to get good practice on bass and ukulele tunes.

The bass has a great range of chords and an excellent attack. The ukulele player does not have to take into account much range in its attack but it has a great attack. When playing rhythm on the bass you need to be looking at the sustain and control a lot.

One of the most important tricks a bass player has is the use of the right strings on a bass as it will make the bass sound even better on bass or guitar. There are a lot of good bass strings and ukuleles can easily afford to put the right strings on the bass and have it sound amazing

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What ukulele should a beginner buy? – Basic Ukulele Book
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