What size ukulele is easiest? – Best Beginner Ukulele Songbook

This can also be very important. The more the “slender” it is, then the faster it will play through the strumming area.

How many frets does ukulele require for its best sound and best playability? A standard ukulele requires 12 frets. Most “fretless” ukulele players do not require more than 9 frets. “Fretless” doesn’t necessarily mean that it has a fingerboard. Some may have a flat fret board but the string is still tied by the fingerboard or is the thumb-end. Some players play with a fingerboard that is longer or shorter than 9 frets. All guitars and most luthiers will provide a range of sizes for your ukulele. The larger the ukulele the farther away from the bridge from which it is played because you are playing over the strings where they are closer to the frets. A larger ukulele requires more volume and a wider range of frets. For a ukulele that has no fretboard to speak of the more the better.

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What types of ukuleles should i give as gifts? An excellent ukulele will be the right size for you whether you’re at home or away from home. It doesn’t matter if it is your first or second ukulele as long as the length of time you love it is with it. Many players prefer not to have their ukulele for a period of time because of their “loved one’s” needs. That is up to each person. I have had a son who played a standard ukulele for years, then had it “pimped” with a “big-bells” ukulele. I could not enjoy the song of that child any longer because it was so distorted. Now you can hear it so clearly (or not). I give a ukulele to my “loved one” (I always do) when he goes to school or a church in the morning before school or after church. I send a “small ukulele” with the children of my friends to their school so they can start their day. I have had a son who loves his ukulele that it is too small for a long time and it eventually starts to wear out in the hand. I give him the “big-bells” ukulele so he can “ride” it and practice

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What size ukulele is easiest? – Best Beginner Ukulele Songbook
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