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Do you sit in the bathtub and type up a song? How about the most popular songs on the radio as you walk through the streets? How about the latest pop songs and their lyrics? Or, in the best songs, just listen to your favorite record cover! There are many ways you can memorize music, and many of them are based on one-way memory (or that is what it looks like). Here are some ways you can memorize a song (or song cover)…

Watch it on DVD

As a music addict who can’t afford a vinyl record, finding a good way to listen to your favorite song is important and you can learn a lot by watching others playing the songs. You probably have at least one favorite band you would listen to if you got the chance.

For a lot of us, this means a good recording of the group. For example, I grew up listening to the British group Suede before discovering U2 and The Beatles, so I don’t remember it exactly the same way. I still remember the good and the bad – including the first four or so songs. For many of these bands, we all have some “best songs,” and there is no way we would not listen to some of these for inspiration.

Watch the audio version of the song

This method takes advantage of the fact that when you play an audio version of a song, it actually appears to be your own voice on the CD. That makes it easy to hear how it sounds, and how it would sound if you were to hear it live.

This also allows you to listen to the song in any order you want (and you can even pick when you want to listen). The main drawback of this is that if you don’t know the songs that well, you can’t memorize it!

This method also requires a good pair of headphones. If you’re just out for fun, no problem, you can listen to any track or artist any way you want. However, if you’ve already got your own collection, chances are you should consider more complex methods that require learning a lot of new songs and learning new vocal phrasing.

Take it to a concert

Or, in a better excuse, at a concert. Take your favorite album to a few shows that you will know or feel are going to have great energy. Then, listen to it as many times as you can until you find some gems or you realize a song you really like

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How do you memorize ukulele chords? – How To Learn Guitar Chords Quickly Menu
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