Should I use a pick with my ukulele? – Best Way To Learn Ukulele Strumming For Riptide Movie

Ukuleles don’t have to be a traditional straight pick. The type of pick you choose should depend partly on how you are planning to play a tune from the ukulele and partly on factors like your hand size.

With classical picking, it is important to pick your ukulele with the widest possible picking hand and also on the back of your hand to avoid finger injury.

Another major advantage of classical picking is that there is no need to reach into the wind to take the pick out of the case or grip the strings to adjust the pick tip. You can even make adjustments to the length of your fingers so you can get the maximum amount of pressure and play as little as possible. But if you want to play as little as possible or to play the ukulele with a shorter, lighter pick, make sure you have the right pick.

You should try to do a little picking yourself on the side. This is not necessary but it is a good way to try out some classic picking methods. It also shows the importance of picking your pick away from your body, for example using short thumb-picks and putting your fingers in the pick. You can also use the pick in hand, like shown below:

How to play a ukulele note

The ukulele can play all twelve notes and it is also possible to play more notes than are normally possible to play by bending the string. This flexibility is often seen among younger players with their ukuleles.

Learning the notes, however, is important to pick the ukulele with good technique and an eye for technique. As you pick up the ukulele, concentrate on keeping the stick with a steady string in the correct position while bending back the string so that it is horizontal. Be alert to what you are doing as it’s sometimes difficult to judge how the stick is bent.

You can also start with fingerings that develop a different set of pick fingerings to the ukulele keys, so that you have new options, especially in the keys with high harmonics.
How to play Dsus2 - Suspended Guitar Chords Lesson - YouTube

Try some of these fingerings in the ‘key and fretboard’ fingerings series to get a feel for what the ukulele can do.

Tips to pick the ukulele

There are many different techniques for playing ukulele notes. This lesson will give you a few pointers to try. Keep in mind that even with

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Should I use a pick with my ukulele? – Best Way To Learn Ukulele Strumming For Riptide Movie
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