Is ukulele harder than guitar? – How To Learn To Play The Ukulele For Beginners Youtube

Yes it is, it’s about the most challenging instrument to play. You need to start on the lowest note and keep playing for as long as you can without stopping at that point. The key is that you learn how to use all the licks you hear in the music. Then you start to work out all of these patterns and try to pick and choose parts from the ones you already know how to play.

If you keep working you will get a good foundation for when you start learning the licks. I can’t think of a single person on earth that could learn the licks properly.

There is a book called The New Riffle (which is about Rimbaud) that is a good guide on when you should learn the guitar licks. It is really good!

Do you like playing an instrument other than guitar? How have you made that transition into a different genre? What are some of your favorites?

Oh, my God. I love singing and I think it’s a bit of a transition into an other style. I’m going to sing again in a year or so when I get out of hospital and hopefully get out of hospital in a much better way. I loved the guitar when I did it, but I’ve got more time now and more money to spend on other activities.

I’m playing with a really good band right now called The Swellers and I think they can play with any band with anyone else. My favourite band on the tour was Led Zeppelin – it’s just fantastic. I’m an admirer of the whole thing.

I like things that have more of a rock/pop feel to it, but I am constantly finding new tracks to make up my own.

You don’t mind working in different genres. What are your influences on music aside from your dad’s old tunes?

My dad is such an inspiration. I can’t think of anything more positive than music. He was such a huge influence on me.

I think what I like is making up my own tracks. It’s really nice when you can write your own material.

It’s always great to have your own way of thinking about things. I just love doing that. You go and hear another band and they are all playing the exact same tunes. I can take that to the next level and actually make my own music.

My favourite album at the moment at the moment is Roxy Music by the Red Hot Chilli Pe

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Is ukulele harder than guitar? – How To Learn To Play The Ukulele For Beginners Youtube
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