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I dont think so…. But its cool to do it at least once!

I want to make a music video for xyz, does anyone know what I can use to do that? Ive started doing all sorts of things, and want to make some stuff that I’m proud of.

My email address is [email protected] xxx


And I play my instruments in a band called [email protected]

I’m not sure how to do the vocals as this is the first album I’ve made.


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Dana White is back.

At least that’s what a report published this week by The Wrestling Observer indicates. The report is in regard to the long-rumored White vs. Daniel Bryan match at WWE Survivor Series.

And according to The Observer — which is being run by Mark Madden and Mike Johnson — there are certain things, per the report:

* White wants to take place on this Thursday night, in a rematch with AJ Styles at Backlash in Atlanta. And Bryan wants to take place a week before, in a rematch of their Wrestlemania rematch. The match will be filmed and it will air on WWE Network on the same night as it airs on Raw.

* The report goes on to list the stipulations the match must meet:

White – The winner is going to face Bryan at Survivor Series and be able to face anyone in the world in the next five months.

Bryan – White, Bryan and Bryan are going to get into a title fight and Bryan is going to have to win. The winner gets a shot in the main event at Wrestlemania 32.

* Bryan will likely lose the match, but can then return next

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Is ukulele easier than piano? – Play Ukulele Online Free
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