Is a tenor ukulele good for a beginner? – Best Way To Learn To Play The Ukulele Easy Chords

Probably not. I’m a beginner, and I have a friend or two who are very good at the tenor ukulele. They take a few lessons and learn their ukulele so that they can play it at any age. I’ll also say that I’m a better tenor ukulele player than most of my classmates in my high school. I can play some stuff pretty well, but nothing that requires a great deal of practice. My favorite tenor ukulele is probably a Fender Jazz. It’s a really warm sound with an excellent tone and the strings are a little bigger than for a beginner’s tenor, so it makes it a little easier to play as I’m not afraid of the bigger scale. But my favorite tenor strings are still the Fender Jazz and my biggest competition, the Big Band Jazz, the same strings I use on the Diamante II. They are the same size and I’ve played with those in the past.

I like different kinds of ukuleles for different purposes. My son will try all kinds of ukuleles, but he is usually drawn to Jazz and Big Band instruments, but he wants a ukulele for playing jazz and doing blues. He just has his own taste. You have to learn how a tenor sounds because that’s what he likes. But if you’re just playing jazz songs, a tenor ukulele with a few different strings in it won’t sound great, as it won’t have the warmth that a Jazz instrument has.

Can you start to play a tenor ukulele by age 10 or so?

No. There are a lot of ways to play a bass ukulele, and even though you do the same thing in one instrument as in another, you may learn a little more. So if you learn one ukulele and one instrument, the way you learn the other is not quite the same. With bass ukuleles, you learn the scale from the first note on down, and you learn what chords are, and you have to learn one or more chords when you’re a beginner.

With a ukulele, you don’t see the scale in the same way. As soon as you get there, you use the scale and you see what the chords are and you don’t have to learn every single chord that comes from the scales that come from that scale.

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Is a tenor ukulele good for a beginner? – Best Way To Learn To Play The Ukulele Easy Chords
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