How often should you practice ukulele? – Best Way To Learn How To Play The Ukulele Easy Tabs

Well it depends on your needs but you will need about 10 seconds practice a day, 5-10 minutes a day, just for a few min. to get used to the finger and feel a good tone out of it. The longer you hold it, the better your ukulele will sound.

How would you like your ukulele to sound?

Would you like your ukulele to sound like the ’70s classic ‘St. Louis?’ It’s just right there in my mind, a true American classic and very close to the sound that my dad taught me. Maybe the ’70s is the way to go.

How many ukuleles are you holding?

I can remember the first uke I ever played, it was one I bought at my very early age of 14.

Is this your ukulele?

Yes, this is my second ukulele. This is the one I play with my partner as well. The first ukulele was a ’58, which is basically the same instrument that I play today. This is the one I play with, and the one I use to teach ukulele lessons, so its my family’s ukulele.

I’m curious. Did I ever mention this to you?

No, I know you did.

What if you were to buy a ukulele of some other origin?

I’d have to figure out what that sounds like, but I wouldn’t want to change it for a minute. I would go with that sound, but even if it doesn’t sound exactly as it did in the past, its still the same instrument.

How do you pronounce ukulele?

Uhhh I dunno how you pronounce this one but it seems to have a lot of vowel sounds but what I mean is u is a u as in ‘ur’ or a as in ‘uu’. So I’m pronouncing it as ‘uh’-uh.

Is it true that your favorite ukulele is ‘The Bluegrass.’?

This one is, I mean its funny to listen to but its still the same instrument I’ve held since my early days. If I’m not playing it the way it was intended to be played, I’m playing it exactly as it was intended to be played. It doesn’t get any better than that to me.

What is your favorite

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How often should you practice ukulele? – Best Way To Learn How To Play The Ukulele Easy Tabs
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