How much should a decent ukulele cost? – Free Printable Ukulele Chord Chart

A decent ukulele is going to be a lot cheaper than a guitar and that is not a bad thing at all (in fact, you will probably find a more enjoyable ukulele playing on a guitar). A nice ukulele can easily cost $300 or so but you can actually make it cheaper by buying a good ukulele tuning kit from an authorized dealer like B.E.E. (which I have covered in previous tips) or by trying to find good deals on eBay. Once the guitar or ukulele you will be playing costs $200, then you can start a new one (with an easy tuneup) for $100 with no worries. Or you could build a custom instrument and play around $250, for a more customized instrument you can spend up to $30,000. Either way, it is not going to be as good as someone else’s ukulele.

Here was some info about playing ukuleles for beginners (and some tips:

I am the creator of this site (and if you would like to buy a good ukulele, get information on how to shop for it here!). I have played an awful lot of ukuleles both on stage and off for the past 30 years, from Fender, to Gibson, to Epiphone, to Fender again, to many other manufacturers too. I am not a great ukulele player myself, but I know how to learn and play one and I still feel it gets better than learning how many other brands play guitars (as well as many other other instruments). So you can play one with ease. When I say that you should always start with an inexpensive ukulele, I really mean this. It is much cheaper too. So to make it easier, here it is in a nutshell and here is a guide on how to pick a ukulele:

You want one of:

1) A good, inexpensive ukulele for beginners. A good ukulele should be a good value. A good ukulele should be inexpensive, it should be able to play well and look good. It should be durable and have a good range. A good ukulele will also have a good sound. A great ukulele should have an incredible sound.

2) A good ukulele for the money. I am going to tell you something now: If you just want

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How much should a decent ukulele cost? – Free Printable Ukulele Chord Chart
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