How do you teach a ukulele for beginners? – Uke Songs Easy Somewhere Over The Rainbow

This is a tricky question and it’s an area where I am currently a bit confused. I have been wanting to learn to play ukuleles since I was a child so I have always wanted to pick up a good ukulele. When I was younger I listened to the greats and picked up a mandolin and did a bit of learning as a way to introduce myself to the instrument. When I moved to London in 2002 I tried for a bit of a ukulele and found that playing the instrument was simply too complex at the skill level I was in.

The first teacher who ever encouraged me to pick up ukuleles actually taught me how to play classical ukuleles but that was a very long time ago and I really never thought back when I saw this teacher’s photo – I always thought that playing classical music sounded a bit too complicated for someone so young and I figured it was not something I had any interest in.
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I had tried on and off with ukulele lessons and other instruments throughout the years and the teachers only ever gave me the classical ones anyway. I have never really felt comfortable using standard ukelele strings but as an alternative I have picked up small bass licks from a few good players who have taught me this repertoire in the past.

How do you approach playing a ukulele? What does it take to make it sound good?

To put it simply, you need to be willing to learn. I think that anyone that has got into ukulele is still learning a lot about the instrument but that learning involves patience.

There is an overwhelming amount of information that everyone on this very site has about playing the ukulele. As I have gotten older it is only really through playing lots and lots of great ukulele players that I have gained a real understanding of this wonderful stringed instrument.

I have had quite a few friends over the years who have played ukulele (many of whom I could not identify as well) which has been great as I now understand their music with their ukulele and how it works. Most have actually found it to be more difficult to play than other acoustic instruments such as a guitar or ukelele.

In some sense, my experience of playing with ukuleles does feel more like playing an acoustic guitar or a piano. As with playing piano or guitar, it feels like each player must understand their instruments

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How do you teach a ukulele for beginners? – Uke Songs Easy Somewhere Over The Rainbow
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